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Gold  20:35, 01.11.2010 #154
The TT Dagger Stats are Wrong k thx bai

scott  19:23, 31.10.2010 #153
Fix the R9 PHysical wep it has no phys attack

Zuky  00:47, 18.10.2010 #152
Great work!

Genies atributes after 40 points are wrong, still takes 1 instead of 2 as it is. even is just a minor thing to care, but i guess you guys already knew that, keep this work!


LazyPunk  03:18, 17.10.2010 #151
Cudgel of Ancient Alloy is under "Poleaxes" when it should be under "Polehammers"

Jyn  14:15, 15.10.2010 #150
I'm not sure.. but I'm almost correct on my calculations.. but the index for the hp for the heavy users with the sevant/primeval stones and even the +20 vit stones is off by a considerable margin.. I only have roughly 22k hp with the gear that I actually have 29-30k hp with in tiger form... could u please go back over your calculations on the vit stones and correct it please.. its a considerable margin off for me (maybe I'm the only one that has this problem I dunno).

James  00:52, 13.10.2010 #149
the savent stone not -6 in the game it is -3 can you please change it

Sirrobert (PWI)  15:57, 07.10.2010 #148
There seems to be an error in the daggers.
The TT green daggers (example, Hook and Thorn), show a faulty dmg (2 as min dmg, and as max the actual min dmg, and than it gives for min mag attack the actual max weapon attack, and no max magic attack. Daggers don't actually have magic attack)

Everything else, awesome site

Makezo  05:02, 07.10.2010 #147
Thnx for making this great tool.

Just found an error on the armors name, the light and arcane armor name are exchanged but stats are all ok. Hope you could correct it.

Miugre (PWI)  11:05, 06.10.2010 #146
This is an awesome tool, ty for making and continuing to upgrade it.

I've noticed on the "statistics" tab, HP Recovery and MP Recovery bonuses are listed as double what they should be by virtue of gear. I just created a budget Lv100 Barbarian build, and his only MP Recovery gear was Cape of Tauren Chieftian. His MP Recovery was listed as 6. Likewise, his HP Recovery was listed as 60 despite having only 30 from his gear.

You may want to take a look at this later. Thanks!

Digi  19:45, 29.09.2010 #145
Attack Rate is not correct with demon spark its to low ( i try only with bm)

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