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PWPH  04:21, 04.06.2016 #807
Hi! I can't seam to find the Attack Rate in the stats list of the Rank 8 reborn armor of Assassin

Napa  12:20, 24.05.2016 #806
I assume the values of 1-8 underneath the War Avatar cards are the Tier lvls for the respective slots. Could you double check the stats/spirit amounts given per Tier? I'm not sure about the rest, but the Lifeprime and Soulprime Tiers are giving too much spirit: at lvl 8 they each give +100 spirit when it should be 50. It's possible they're all giving twice what they should.

Thanks for fixing things so fast!
19.06.2016 - Fixed

Napa  03:39, 06.05.2016 #805
Rank9 rings do not gain phys and elemental defense when refined.

Wrists appear to allow stones added to sockets, but won't actually add.

Intermittent problem with buffs. Sometimes when I click buffs, the dropdown menu to choose lvl of the buff will appear briefly, but then replaced by weapon or other gear stats and cannot change lvl of buff.
Rank9 - Fixed!
Wrists - Fixed!
Skills - need more info

Napa  13:32, 05.05.2016 #804
Wow that was fast lol. I'll be testing more over the next few days I'm sure. Once again thank you for your hard work you don't know how much fun I've had with this over the years and it helped with gear choices and planning out future upgrades.

I used to use both your tool and the one at ecatomb, going back and forth between until he stopped updating the character simulator part a long time ago although I mostly used ecatomb for the skills/gear/pets etc info as I preferred your character creator. As I'm sure you know ecatomb shut down permanently a couple of years ago :(

Anyway sorry for the length of this post it's a guest book not a blog post - I seem to swing between saying nothing and never shutting up (it's a character flaw).

About ekatomb I did not know. It is sad.

Napa  07:11, 04.05.2016 #803
Also refining elemental necklaces give soulforce but no increase in elemental defense.
refining elemental Armor/Ornaments - fixed

Napa  07:02, 04.05.2016 #802
Wow I'm surprised (but very happy) that you're updating pwcalc. I've been using this tool since I first discovered it many years ago in my PW MY EN days, but I thought you gave up on it. I haven't had time to test it thoroughly but I have discovered that :

-wrist gear slot and belt slot are swapped, and sockets are on belt instead of wrist
-Seal of Eternal Solitude magic lvl 80 ring gives soulforce when refined?

If you're planning on keeping up with this I salute you.
- wrist gear slot and belt slot swapped - fixed
- all soulforce refine - fixed
- sockets are on belt instead of wrist - fixed

skyflox  14:17, 01.05.2016 #801
guest book - open

Rickioo  21:46, 22.01.2013 #800
you missing a bunch of the blessings shards and now the Omen 3rd cast gear has no stats its making us have to put the stats in one by one now your missing alot of current game stuff in pwi no one can calulate there gears allso the new R9 ring and other recast stuff from NW dont have a refine table

pwisanctuary  05:58, 22.01.2013 #799
Hey hey PWI Calculate Coder,

Please add to the PW International calculater the Morai gems, engravement on Necklaces, and reduce magic damage taken on the light r999 boots.

Additional are missing the blessings we have avail, Jones Blessing (+30 Attack Level) and O'Malley Blessing (+15 Attack Level and +15 Defense Level)

Rickioo  08:46, 20.01.2013 #798
wth everything is broken ~.~

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