Perfect World: Calculator

To work with the calculator rather simply:


  • On tab "Character" choose race and a sex of your character;
  • urther it is necessary as well as in game to distribute accessible points on characteristics (you can specify any number from 3 to 800; the red number in accessible stat-points, only shows that in game at you so it will not turn out).
  • To keep changes - press the button OK


  • On the tab "Equipment" click on the necessary element of equipment (accessible to a choice - are illuminated by dark blue colour), then in dropping out lists below choose an element necessary for you items, click on the button to "Put"and it it will be added, and on tab "Character" - will appear the updated statistics.
  • To remove a subject it is possible having allocated it for panels (there will be a green framework) and having pressed the button to "Remove"


  • To modify a subject having ground it or having inserted stones - it is possible on the panel appearing after allocation of the necessary subject
    • The first line - sharpening of the subject;
    • Others - Soul stones.
      • at the left - type of Soul stones;
      • on the right - their degree of sharpening.
    • At the weapon - 2 slots;
    • at things - 4 slots;
    • jewellery - no slots;
    • Also you cannot insert stones which on level more than subject level.
  • Moreover, if to allocate a subject and to press button "Change", it is possible to edit parametres of subjects, changing base values and adding the bonuses.
  • The updating menu:
    • 1st line - the subject name;
    • text lines - the fixed parametres, it is possible to change only their value;
    • the dropping out list - possible additions (it is possible to change as addition type having chosen it from the list, and value).
  • Bonuses at a subject can be no more than 3. At some subjects the number of bonuses can be less, or not to be in general. Usually such exceptions is quests subjects or some green and gold;

Save and loading

  • Saving performed using the buttons at the top of the tab "Equipment".
    • By pressing button "Save" you receive a text code - link on a current condition of your character.
    • Saves are stored in base; if within 6 months (the figure can be reduced) save nobody load, it is removed.


  • On the character some can be imposed skills as its own (active and passive), and from other players.
  • For management skill button "Buffs" in the top left corner tab "Equipment".
  • In the top part tab"Buffs" - active and passive skills the given race.
  • More low - active other races.
  • To close tab it is possible having pressed a green cross in the right top corner.
  • Exhibiting skills is carried out as follows: press the necessary icon (it is allocated with a green framework) - skill it is included, will press once again - it will be switched off.
  • In tab the description of ability on the right is visible and in the same place it is possible to expose demanded level skill.
  • At change classes of the character - all skills are removed.
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