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DarkYin  00:01, 11.06.2009 #12
Hi, the ☆☆Perfect Officer's Magicsword from the level 20 supply stash has the wrong stats. Specifically, the magic attack value is missing.

I was trying to compare it with the FB19 wand, and thus noticed it has no attack value. :-P
Sorry, my mistake. :-( Fixed.

Sanctuary Player  07:39, 07.06.2009 #11
Holy cow what a great tool. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

Nyx  16:26, 29.05.2009 #10
Hi! I absolutely love this and I am so excited that someone referred me to this calculator. ^^

I wanted to mentioned that there is no option for minus requirement and when I put all my exact stats and gear, it showed me having more magic defense than I actually have and like 3 more physical defense than I do. I'm not sure how accurate this is suppose to be. :3
Yes, there is no option for minus requirement, but it is not needed because can be first to raise the character's stats, wear item, and then lower them again.
Well, + / - 3 DEF is not a lot. And what is a bug in magic defense?

Kiom  21:20, 26.05.2009 #9
Wizard buffs don't have Wellspring Quaff D:
Now have. :-)

Hazardus  07:01, 29.04.2009 #8
Hi again! Thanks for the fix! :drink:
One small error. It seems the +acc stat wont work correctly. Whenever I select +acc it adds as +dodge rate. Also how can I add +acc%?
Keep up the good work :thumbup:
Thank you for the message.
I corrected the bug with the ACC and Dodge. And added ACC +% :-)

skyflox  08:12, 17.04.2009 #7
The calculator works in a usual mode.

Hazardus  00:43, 17.04.2009 #6
Hi there!

Thanks for the great calculator :thumbup: ! I love it! :wub: Way more customizable then any calculators out there!

By the way, have you disabled it or something, cause I cant seem to select any equipment ??

Silber  01:47, 15.04.2009 #5
hey man i love your calculator, but after showing it to my guild (CQ from PWI,) we found that it double counts items that have +5% HP, showing that some char. HP might be higher

other than that.. its amazing... i have spent 3 hours playing with my WB build, and deciding on what i want my stats to be

PWMY layer  07:49, 11.03.2009 #4
Just dropping a note here to say a big thanks for your effort. It will be useful for everyone. Keep it up! :thumbup:

PWI Player  19:23, 10.03.2009 #3
I think you are doing a great job, keep up the good work! :thumbup:

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