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Esc  00:00, 27.01.2010 #53
YES!! THE BEST PW CALC ON THE INTERNET IS BACK!! :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

peq  00:28, 11.01.2010 #52
really great calc
but i have a question will it have the new race called tideborn (pwi) or it too early ?

Artur  12:39, 19.12.2009 #51
City Juazeiro do Norte I thinkk that you need to show HP/MP regen status
Use "statistics" button))))

Archies  14:25, 03.12.2009 #50
Glorious Robe: Torment

there is status error for Glorious Robe: Torment PWI

if needed can post pic

NPC showing Real Status = PW bontique agent NPC near ALL Main city banks

army dude  09:34, 22.11.2009 #49
3rd bit lol...

i've just noticed i can go in to change the attributes of a piece of equipment, like the nexklace of the legion for example... just change one of the defense properties by one number, click out of that type box, back in and set it back correct and the text for that piece of gear changes english
Yes, such things as a necklace - it is impossible to change the settings. They are fixed.

I corrected the mistake with the Russian text.

U need using PWI-english version to create a character (

army dude  09:30, 22.11.2009 #48
something interesting about this lil bug thats msg'd here about by K and myself...

i went ahead n started editing my 70hvy veno calc despite all the EQ's being in russian text, changed a ring and the ring itself is english, and the rest of the EQ remains russian

army dude  09:26, 22.11.2009 #47
here is one such link after having came to the page already logged in and then clicking on my lv70 hvy veno calc. everything was in russian at first, then i clicked the american flag for PWI and the webpage went to english, but the names of all the equipment and text about were all still in russian.

aside from the lil bug mentioned here and by Erick, i think its totally awesome you've come up with the login and character list. makes it TONS easier to have a stored character that can actually be accessed and edited instead of just having a fixed save :)

Erick  11:43, 20.11.2009 #46
I have saved some "builds" but whenever I open the file, everything is in russian, can you somehow allow us to see everything in english?
M.. I think I understand ... Give me please 1 such save-link.

brownflamez  17:49, 17.11.2009 #45
Can you add stones for +1 atk lvl and Def lvl, thank you.

archies  13:55, 12.11.2009 #44
Login > Forgot your pass? is it working ?

cause i cant c any option to click [can c only Text saying Forgot your pass? ]
No "Forgot your pass?" is not working now
I need u nickname and e-mail.

send to my e-mail:

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